Can This Wall Be Moved?

If you are considering a remodeling job, like a kitchen, you might be thinking, "Can I move this wall?"  This is a common question with older houses as we look at creating a more open space for the home.

Two main questions to ask to determine if a wall can be moved.

First, what is inside the wall?  This can be a big obstacle.  If there is heating, electrical lines or plumbing in the wall, rerouting these types of items can be a big task and make it an impractical project.  Items to look for:

  • Air ducts
  • Water Pipes
  • Waste and Vent Lines
  • Wiring
  • Gas Pipes

The second question to consider is the wall load bearing?  The walls that are needed to hold the house up are called the bearing walls.  If the wall is load bearing than a beam or type of support will need to take it's place.

These types of walls include:

  • Outside Walls - these walls support the roof.
  • Beam - usually shows that it is a bearing wall.
  • Ceiling Joists - these carry the weight of the ceiling.

If you are not sure about the load bearing it is wise to hare a structural engineer to get the best advise.

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