Coronavirus Home Bound

Coronavirus Home Bound

You might be homebound because your kids are now “homeschooled” or you are working remotely and all though we appreciate the fact that it is all for keeping us safe and healthy, being at home most of the time can create a bit of closterophic .

Our suggestion would be to take some breaks and reorganize/clean. If you are taking small steps or small jobs you can make a big difference in your home.

Start small – like a kitchen drawer or a pantry and build up to your kids’ rooms or maybe the ‘garage’. The main point is to be very comfortable spending a lot of time at home. You might be surprised how much ‘clutter’ brings about anxiety and a feeling of being anxious.

If you are a real go-getter, you might consider painting rooms as you go through organizing. Fresh paint and/or a new color will be welcoming for spring and help you enjoy your time as we all try to self-quarantine to avoid the virus.

Also, don’t forget the closets.

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