Design Tips

Are you ready to Remodel?

We have compiled some tips to help you through the process.

What Is The End Goal?

Before beginning any type of renovation take into consideration these questions:

  • Are you renovation to improve the resale of the home?
  • Will you be staying there for years to come?
  • Would a renovation in the neighborhood be a good return on investment?
  • Will you be overdoing it for the neighborhood?

Create a Budget

Create a budget and stick to it.  Make sure to add in a percentage for unexpected costs, incidental costs like eating out if you are remodeling a kitchen or even a couple nights at a hotel to escape the chaos and noise.

Check You Calendar

If your goal is to have a renovation completed for a specific event make sure to work backwards from that date.  Add in a few weeks to a month for possible delays to avoid being disappointed.


Get suggestions from friends and family who have renovated and the challenges that they had.

Know Your Limits

If you are wanting to do some or all of the project on your own, make sure to check with an expert about potential concerns, like which walls are load-bearing walls.  Ideas that could be disastrous if you are not sure about what you are doing.

Check References

Check with people that actually have worked with the contractor being considered.  Ask to see before and after photos of prior work.


To make the remodel process as simple as possible, pack up or move items in the renovation zone.  If it is a big project, consider renting a professional storage space to keep your items safe and clean.

Create Timing

If you are working with a contractor create start and ending times that will create less disruption in your family routine.

Kids and Pets

Make sure to create a safe zone for kids and pets during the remodling process.

Outages Happen

Be prepared for outages, they happen.  Also, if you are working with plumbing that might need to be turned off for a perion of time.  Put a few containers of water in the frideg for drinking, on the counter for cooking and buckets for flushing the toilets.

Create A List Of Tools

For the part that you are doing, create a list of the items you need.  From permits to rollers for paint.   Then take a look at the list to determine what you can rent to save money versus purchasing an item that you might not use in the future.

Look For Opportunities of Improvement

You might be remodeling for a cosmetic purpose and it could be the best opportunity to upgrade some items to make your home more efficient.  It might be the perfect time to add insulation or elecrical fixtures if you are tearing out walls.