Fall Is Around The Corner

We want to feature a few articles to help you prepare for winter.  This artilce let's talk about:

Cleaning the Garage

Oh, how I hate that job.  But with the prediction of alot of snow this winter you will appreciate a clean garage so that you can actually park your car out of the snow.

We located a few tips:  Let's separate the keep items from the get rid of items.  These items good be donated, sold, put out front of your home with a free sign or thrown away.  Don't let this process take a lot of time or you will let it drag out to long.  Finish this task in a weekend or less.  Donated items go in one pile and must be taken somewhere the next business day.  Throw away items, get rid of them quickly.  To sell - take a photo of it as soon as you decide to sale it and post it on Craigslist or Facebook Garage sale pages that same day.

Now you need storage space for all of the keep items.  Think about spaces that you can use that are high, layered or small spaces.  

Use your ceiling, you can create tracks that will hold the large plastic storage bins, label the bottom and know what is available in each bin.

Create a toy corral with bungee cords, that makes it easy for kids to get items out of the bottom without having to pull everything out.

Consider constructing roll out shelves for small items.  A project like this can increase your space 50% more storage space.

Create a space to layer shelves and special hooks for summer tools.

If you have space around the entry to the house put bins together for organizing winter items, like boots, ice skates, hockey equipment and coats.  It will give them a place to dry and not clutter up the house.

If you have other ideas that have worked for your family, please share them with us - we would be happy to add them to our list.