Garden To Lift Your Spirits

As Spring is upon us and being locked in for too long, it is a great time to start thinking about doing some outside activities. We found some tips for your garden and yard.


Engage the Senses in your Garden

A garden should engage all of the senses, with fragrant plants that bring back memories and have a calming effect. What smells remind you of your favorite grandparent or vacation spot? Consider flowers or plants that attract your favorite birds. Also, consider flowers that will fill your garden all-season or plant a variety to come up with each part of spring, summer, and fall. We also have an event in the spring and fall to give our customers great prices, the spring event will be May 23rd, check out our event area to RSVP.

A Sitting Place in a Garden

A garden should have a place to sit and contemplate. It can be as simple as a bench or hammock or a comfy sitting arrangement for family and guests. We offer a wide variety of options for outdoor furniture that will give you a lot of comfort, beauty and peace.

Fire and Water inserts to a Garden

Adding elements of fire and water can be mesmerizing. Watching and listening to them can provide a soothing experience and a meditative felling. Let’s talk about your ideas.

Keep Green

Green is the ultimate color for relaxation. Adding different colors of green through plants, lawn and hedges can give a great look of textures, shapes and leaf forms as well as accent the other colors.

If you have any questions or would like some help working with your outdoor spaces, let us know and we can guide you to some great ideas.