Home Design Trends

What looks like a trend one day could look outdated the next! Indy Home Design Center does a great job keeping up on the design world and in particular, the most up-to-date design trends.

But what exactly are those design trends going to be in 2020?

This answer can vary depending on who you ask and when you ask. Indy Home Design Center has seen a rise of people purchasing Vintage Accents. One or two pieces if vintage can change the feel of the room in seconds. Blue seems to be able to go with about almost anything and have the perfect amount of contrast. The blue with white really give the room a great look! Floral wallpaper is used for small bathrooms or in bedrooms. Large patterns and metallic or bold colors will be in style for a while. Kitchens now will have a look that goes beyond white. Natural wood finishes will allow the homeowner to keep the kitchen looking hip and stylish.  A pop of color to an island or a wall is a way to give that home a personality. Bold back splashes are used to create a work of art and can really add a look to a home that one would never dream off. What is your 2020 trend? Indy Home Design Center would be thrilled to help you decide that!