How to create your dream kitchen layout

Knowing how to create the perfect layout for your kitchen begins with understanding it has a dual purpose.  A everyday workplace AND  a place to socialize.

When you think of kitchen layout it is best to think about how you use the space.  There are literally lots of configurations  but the most important is to maximize the space you have.

Let's get started.


In the kitchen layout is really critical to the overall design.  Proper layout makes prepping, cooking and cleaning much easier.  It also improves storage, function and flow which are things that you will appreciate right away and for years to come.

If those of you buy and sell homes, the new homeowners will appreciate the layout as well. And, maybe you'll get more dollars as a result 🙂


There are many.  Here's the list:
• One wall kitchens.  Originally called the "Pullman kitchen," the one wall kitchen layout is generally found in studio or loft spaces.

• Galley.  This efficient, "lean" layout is ideal for smaller spaces and one-cook kitchens.

• U-Shape, L Shape, Horseshoe, Island, and last, Penninsula.

Here's something fun to do - look at your kitchen.  What configuration do you have?


Let's take a deeper dive into the Work Triangle.  Traditionally, it is mapping out the refrigerator to the stove and sink.  When you can keep the total distance of about 12' -26' you're in good shape.   And why the refrigerator, stove and sink? It is the most used in the kitchen.    You get food out of the fridge, prep and cook on the stove then there is clean-up. All the while traffic flows seamlessly between these three areas.

Example of traditional workflow:

If you have a very large kitchen, think of adding a secondary triangle like this:

See the difference between the images above?  Designing the layout has many different triangles.  But remember, keep the refrigerator in close proximity to the prep and cooking area since you will always have to open it up to grab something.

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