Kitchen Design Layouts

There are six popular Kitchen Design Layouts to share with you.

Two main changes in the kitchen are that the kitchen is now a multi-purpose room and a multiple cook room.  This changes the single triangle floor plan to a multiple triangle floor plan.

One-Wall Kitchen Design Layouts

is usually found in areas with small kitchen space.  Cabinets and appliances are all along a single wall.

pretty kitchen with island

Galley layout Kitchen Design Layouts

is very efficient for a smaller space and a one cook kitchen.  This design is two parallel walls with a walkway.  This design makes use of every inch of space.

very pretty galley kitchen design

L Shape Kitchen Design Layouts

design takes full use of a corner space.  This is two adjoining walls that are perpendicular and using countertops.  This design does eliminate traffic thoroughfare and is best for a smaller kitchen space.

very pretty l kitchen with island

Horseshoe Kitchen Design Layouts 

uses three walls of cabinets and appliances.  This layout does accommodate an island into the workflow.

white u shaped kitchen with island

Kitchen Island Kitchen Design Layouts

can be very useful for larger kitchen designs and can be used for appliances, storage cabinetry, food preparation, place to eat or storage.

Beautiful kitchen with color cabinets

Peninsula Kitchen Design Layouts

is basically a connected island.  The peninsula can act as an island by offering more workspace or eating space but is a bit thinner.

beautiful kitchen with peninsula

If you are looking at a kitchen design, come in and share your dreams and let us help you save money on your new kitchen that you will love.