Kitchen Trends for 2020

Here are 8 Top Kitchen Trends

All-white kitchens have been in style for a few years and probably will never go out of style, we will share some other trends fo 2020.

Adding a bit of color is a great trend this year. Something simple like a colored ceiling fan or colored appliances could be an option. You could also consider using color in your tile for a backsplash or the counter tops.

Speaking of countertops, quarts is now more popular than our loved marble. It is more affordable and low maintenance.

A kitchen larder is now a popular item again. A kitchen larder is like a stand-alone cupboard or pantry. It would be large enough to store the majority of dry goods, but small enough to keep things organized while using a minimal amount of valuable space.


Popular kitchen tiles are more handmade looks like terra-cotta or cement colors that range in rainbow colors, but the more neutral hues are best.

Kitchen wallpaper is coming back and wallpaper companies are offering a peel-and-stick papers in trendy designs that are very easy to install and remove. One tip would be to look for a tile type of design.

Plate racks are a big trend in 2020, either mounted on the walls or displayed on countertops. It will give you an actual place to show off you dishes instead of hiding it away in a cupboard. If you don’t want to show it off as a rack, open shelves are also a popular way of storing kitchen items.


Adding different textures is a great look for 2020 as well, like the kitchen in this photos. From white bead-board on the ceiling, shiplap on the walls, unlacquered brass hinges, black marble counter top on the island and warm wood on the floors, backsplash and remaining countertops.


Open kitchen and living areas has been a trend for a few years and is still the most popular layout. Giving the entertainment area a very wide space to be involved, those cooking and preparing are still part of the socializing with the space open. A very comfortable entertaining space.

Many of our vendors can share with us what is popular items, colors or designs being selected recently if you would like more details of what the popular Kitchen Trends are for your project.

Just give us a call and let’s set down and talk about your dreams.