Kitchen Updates

You are looking at your kitchen and thinking that it needs something, but maybe you are not prepared to do a complete remodel.  

We have a few tips to put some pizzazz back into your kitchen so that it will sparkle for the holidays and not break the bank.

Adding new hardware to the cabinets can be an update to add some class and your personal style to your kitchen.  We offer a great variety of hardware options in different colors and fun styles.

A new backsplash is a great update.  We have a great selection of vendors who offer different sizes, textures, materials and colors to creat a very unique backsplash that will show off your kitchen.

A new countertop, maybe your cabinets are very sturdy and you just need a bit more beauty on top.  Adding a quartz or granite top would be the touch that is needed.

Dressing up the windows.  Adding new texture or color to your windows can indeed make a big difference to the appearance of your kitchen.  Maybe a beautiful Hunter Douglas blind in a light accent color or pretty wooden shutter?

A new flooring would create a different look for your kitchen.  We have a great variety of flooring that would include; hardwood, vinyl, tile and more.  This is the type of project that could be just a couple days but create a whole new look to the room.

Two other simple projects could be adding an updated faucet or new lighting fixtures?  To give a different look and add some convenience of the newer items.

We can help you update your kitchen as a complete remodel or if you just want to add a few updates.  Just give us a call.

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