Memorial Day Celebrating During COVID

There is no doubt that this Memorial weekend will be different. As a normal weekend of honoring those who sacrificed for our country, the weekend is usually filled with large gatherings, parades, weekend trips and picnics.

The Difference in Memorial Day Celebrating 2020

This year, businesses are just starting to open, most places request that a mask be worn and that social distancing be practiced. With all that is going around with how to open up everything, there are some ways to enjoy Memorial Day and still be safe.

Memorial Day Celebrating Ideas:

  • Honor those in your life that served and are no longer with us by visiting their graves. Watch their favorite movie, drink their favorite drink and listen to their favorite songs.
  • Mini Cookout, you can still fire up the grill, set up lawn games and break out the sidewalk chalk for some patriotic driveway drawings.
  • Get ouside with a bike, hike, canoe, or fishing.
  • Have a video party or have your own outdoor theatre.
  • Go camping, many states are suggesting staying close to home. If you don’t have a park close by, pitch a tent in the yard.
  • Create a parade. Get with the neighbors and have a social distance family parade. The kids will love being in a parade.

As we embrace our changes we look for new ways to celebrate, but the most important thing to keep in mind is to be with those that you love to celebrate with for the weekend to bring in the summer months.