Most Popular Home Remodeling Projects

Kitchens and bathrooms were the most popular indoor spaces to remodel amongst homeowners, according to the 2020 U.S. Houzz & Home study, continuing a nine-year trend. And 10% of renovating homeowners updated their office last year ahead of the coronavirus pandemic, an update they may now be quite delighted they made.

Bathrooms And Kitchens Continued To Be one of the most Popular Rooms to remodeling in 2019


Constant with past years, kitchens continued to be the most commonly remodeled indoor rooms in 2019, along with laundry rooms. The national average invested in kitchen area projects was $12,000 in 2015, while the national average quantity invested in master bathrooms was $8,000.

The median reported below should not be taken the most likely cost of a certain job. The cost to renovate differs commonly by location and also task extent and can be a lot greater in some metropolitan areas and also for significant remodels.

Mean describes the midpoint spending degree, indicating half of homeowners invested even more as well as fifty percent invested much less. Additionally, these numbers consist of both DIY jobs and those for which home owners worked with a pro.

Typical figures can be utilized to gauge year-over-year motion in the expenses of remodeling. In 2018, the national typical quantity invested in kitchens was $14,000; on master bathroom it was $8,000.

1 in 10 Homeowners Refurbished or Included an Office In 2014

The 2020 research study showed that many people dealt with home office spaces in 2015, well before the COVID quarantine orders. Actually, 1 in 10 remodeling projects included a home office in 2019

The national average spent on office projects was $1,000.

Pipes and also Electrical Were Top System Upgrades in 2019

Certainly, a house remodeling isn’t just about the visible surfaces as well as the products. The systems that make a house practical as well as efficient are likewise the key. One of the most usual house system upgrades made by remodeling home owners last year were to plumbing (29%), electric (26%) and residence automation (23%) systems that control thermostats, electronics or lights. The national typical amount spent on plumbing as well as electric was $1,000 each; on home automation systems it was $350.

Seventeen percent of renovating homeowners added or upgraded house security systems, compared to 18% in 2018. The national average amount invested in house safety and security systems was $400.

One in 9 remodeling property owners updated home entertainment systems, with the nationwide average amount spent $800.

Roof covering, Paint and Windows Were Popular Outside Upgrades in 2019.


When it pertains to outside, one of the most typical upgrades that remodeling homeowners made in 2019 entailed roofing, paint, and home windows or skylights (21% each). The nationwide average quantity spent on roofing was $8,000; on exterior repaint it was $1,000, and on windows or skylights it was $3,900.

Improving Beds, Borders as well as Lighting Was Popular Last Year

For outdoor upgrades, beds and also borders were the focus, with 28% of renovating homeowners addressing these areas. Exterior lights was also a prominent enhancement, with 20% of remodeling homeowners handling this feature.

Eighteen percent of restoring homeowners upgraded grass, as well as 14% boosted or included a deck or an irrigation system.

Lastly Having the time or Method to Do a Remodeling Drove Projects in 2019

The No. 1 factor for dealing with a residence remodelling project has continued to be secure for the past 5 years: Home owners wanted to do it all along. In 2019, 57% of refurbishing property owners cited the leading reason for starting their project as wishing to do it all along and also lastly having the time, money or both. The No. 2 factor (24%) was intending to tailor a recently bought house. And also the third-most common reason (17%) was resolving damage in the home as a result of age, bugs or various other aspects.