Outdoor Furniture Ideas for 2020

We are outside and loving it!

If being quarantined has made you desire to be outside more then we have some wonderful trends that you will love to keep your outside area comfortable, usable and open.

Outdoor Furniture Ideas and Trends

The outside trending color for decor is blue. Any shade of blue to muted grays, mis solids, stripes and prints for a modern type of look.

Outdoor daybeds are a great place to relax on a porch or by a pool. Add a chic side table and pillows for more comfort. A great place to lay back and enjoy the fresh air, read or take a nap.


An outdoor entertaining space that include a dining area will be the talk of the neighborhood. Keep it simple with a wooden dining set, table runner and no-fuss place settings.

Fire Pits are a great way to join together in the evening and watch the sunset. Propane fire pits are very versatile and styles are available that are as unique as your furniture.


Outdoor accent chairs are great to add visual interest as well as extra seating to your space. Add decorative pillows and throws with and outdoor coffee table to finish the look.


Patio sets are a great way to create a space that friends and family will enjoy gathering around. Select furniture that will work outside in the summer and then can be moved inside for the cooler months.


If you have any questions or would like suggestion on how to make your Outdoor Furniture AMAZING! Give us a call.