Popular Design Trends

Popular Design Trends

The staff at Indy Home Design Center works very hard to keep track of the current trends.  This helps us guide you into a design or product that will have a longer life span.

Our research of the most recent trends came up with these ideas:

1.Door and wall decor decals.  It has been said to be “quirky design elements that speak to individuality”.

Decal Door

2. Wood beams are being added any where that they can be put.

3. Arched doorways are popular for an interesting architectural detail, it gives more delineation to rooms and at the same time maintains an openness.

4. Customized space for everything is very important. Kitchen remodelers are working hard to create space for their dished and kitchen gadgets.

Organized space

5. Flat-panel, high gloss doors for kitchen and other cabinetry are in high request.  The flat-panel design looks sleek and the finish helps bounce light around.

6. Kitchen remodels are also looking for contrast designs, dark cabinets with brass hardware.  These design elements add drama and elegance.

7. The unpopular idea of tile for showers -cleaning between all those grout lines is giving porcelain slab a lot of attention.  It also offers visual interest and durability.

slab Shower

8. Folks are trending away from the minimalism to maximalism and embracing the idea of actually having ‘stuff’.  More people are looking for bold colors and patterns to show off on their shelf space.

9. Design colors are now leaving the many shades of gray and going towards warmer colors.

Coral Couch

If you are ready for a new project at your home, as simple as new furniture or as complex as a new kitchen remodel, you can trust our experts to listen to your ideas and help your vision to come to life.