Dramatic Colors

Color is an ideal way to express your feelings, and the colors in your room are a direct reflection to your personality, though most of people avoid spending much time thinking about room colors but it affects our everyday life.

Indy Home Design Center understands the correct use of these dramatic colors and help you to choose colors wisely according to your requirements.

Some people make a major mistake while decorating a room by following the trend, but we believe trends come and go.Indy home design understands your personality and preferences before making a decision.We believe that room colors should be selected by the people living in that room.

Indy Home Design Center believes that colors are more powerful than design elements, but to achieve the right effect, we use our expertise of“how colors affect moods”.For instance, Red can make a bold, yet sophisticated statement in bedrooms and living rooms, but it can feel overwhelming if used as a base color. Orange is cheerful and bold, with a friendly and informal feel that is ideal for living rooms of any size. The versatile green family is a perfect bedroom color that blends well with blues and deep browns. Blue can create a range of feelings depending on the shade and the size of the room. While bright blues can open up a space, deep shades of blue or purple create a cozy, luxurious setting.

This is just a small piece of our knowledge related to colors, Indy Home Design Center designs your house with such and dramatic colors that your home looks wide open and it spreads a unique pleasure all around.

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