Trends and Features

Kitchen Remodeling Trends

The summer hustle is over, we know that soon we will not be grilling out and we look around at our kitchen and start thinking about updating the look.  Now is the time.  Four of our cabintet suppliers are having specials and this is just in time to give you a new kitchen before the December holidays.

The kitchen has become the center of the activity for most families.  If you are considering a kitchen remodel we want to share with you some of the current trends.

The most popular colors that we are seeing in cabinets are white, blue and black.  A bit of a contrast, but it does make a difference as to which color accents you kitchen the best.  Also, colors are being mixed, you might have white cabinets and a darker color island or the other way around.  

Kitchen islands have become a must to a kitchen design.  Therefore, it is a piece that makes a statement about the kitchen.  More popular is the single level multipurpose island with storage or shelving underneath.

Backsplash statements are a must.  With a large vaiety of color, texture and sizes this can be a very personal statement.  Larger slabs are more popular and these can be marble, wood, copper, quartx, stainless steel, glass.. the list is long!

Everyone is also looking for effective storage, no wasted space!  This could include:  appliance garges for small appliances, drawer divider for cutlery and utensils, tray dividers, roll-out  trays and caddies for pots and pans, pull outs for spices, wastebasket cabintes for trash and recyclables and easy ways to store foods and drinks.

Quartz is still the first choice for counter tops and Cambria is one of our most popular sources.  It's easy to maintain, anti-microbial, very sturdy, and is available in many colors and patterns.

If you have any questions about what is available for your upcoming kitchen design, please contact us.